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Print Area - To set print area for non-contiguous ranges.

Suppose you want to set print area for two different ranges on a worsheet and don't want to print the gap between the ranges.

e.g. A1:D20 is the first range and G30:J50 is the second range which you wanna print on two different pages without getting and blank pages in between...

Two methods are there:
  1. Longcut:
    Select "Page Break Preview" from "View" option
    - Select two different ranges as are required
    - Right Click on worksheet and select "Set Print Area"
  2. Short-cut:- Goto "Page layout" menu (Excel 2007) and select "Print Titles"
    - in last tab named "Sheet", "Print Area" text box is there
    - Type there "A1:D20, G30:J50"
Woho, two print areas are set and you need not extract blank pages in between the printouts...

So you can set as many print areas as you need for same worksheet and no matter though one range overlap other.