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Shortcut - Enter data same as in upper Cell

Suppose cell E10 contains a formula "=Sum(A10:D10)" result of which is 200
You are in cell E11 and wanna enter same formula with a suffix say "/2"

Same way, two methods:
  1. Copy Paste - I think u kno this one.
  2. Ctrl+D - Select cells E10 and E11 and press "Ctrl+D", but it will change reference from Row 10 to Row 11 
But, a third n faster method also exits:
  • Ctrl+" - yessss - (ctrl + doublequote i.e. double quotation mark)
    If u are in cell E11, directly press Ctrl+" and get the exact formula in it without any change in reference, i.e. even row number doesn't change. Just press Ctrl+" and /2, and job is done.
Next option:

If u wanna enter just the value, say result of formula in E10 i.e. 200 in above exapmle, is to be take to E11 in exact value, without any formula then?????
  • Just Press Ctrl+Shift+" i.e. Ctrl + Shift + Double quotation mark
This method is used when u wanna paste special a resulting value of a formula to anywhere say webpage where option of "Paste Special" is not available, do as follows.....
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+" then F2 then Shift+Home then Ctrl+X then Enter
  • Now goto any destination say word file or webpage and paste value without formula or formatting.