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Shortcut - Enter same data in multiple cells in one go...

Which method u use to enter same data in multiple cells.

suppose u av to enter ...
  • word "Alien" in 10 selected cells... or
  • a formula as =A2*A3 in cell A4 then =B2*B3 in cell B4 and so on till cell E10
To do this, common method is "Copy Paste method"

Shortcut method is as follows:
  • Select the range where data is to be filled up
  • Enter data or formula, in first cell (don't press enter)
  • Hold down "Ctrl" key and Press "Enter"

In above case, If you have presses "Enter" instead of "Ctrl+Enter" then simply press followings:

  • Ctrl+R to fill data from Ist cell to rightward over selection
  • Ctrl+D to fill data from Ist cell to downward over selection

Be careful, "Ctrl+D/R" is applicable only if data is entered in first cell of selection whereas "Ctrl+Enter" is applicable in all cases.