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Trick - Formatting negative percentage

For presentation in certain reports some time we need to show %age.
But in Excel there is no option to show -ve %age in braces.
e.g. -5% cant be shown as (5)%
So lemme tell u, hw u can do it without much hassel.
First select range u wanna format.
"Right click" and goto "Format Cells"

In "Number" Tab, under "Category:" select "Number" i.e. option second to "General"

In the right pane under "Negative Numbers:" select any option out of last two... as maked in the pic given at right side...

Now again in "Category:" section,
Click on "Custom" i.e. last option and
Click in right pane under "Type:"
Suffix "%" sign after "0.00_);(0.00)"
Press "Ok" and voila, u did it...

U can edit here anything to show, do some experiments, go play...