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Tip - Hyperlink the cell to other sheet or file...

"Hyperlink" is the way of jumping to desired location by clicking on a linked cell.

Shortcut is "Ctrl+k".
Longcut is Menu Insert>Hyperlink.

It opens up a window with two left side bars as "Link to:" and "Look in:".

Now correlate the following options with these bars, but hope you will understand the plain language written out there.

Three types of linking is there for Jumping to a location:
  1. in the same file
    e.g. another cell in same sheet or another sheetClick "Place in this Document", select the relevant sheet and type cell reference.
  2. in the another file
    e.g. another Excel, Word or say PDF file or any website linkClick on "Existing file or Web Page" and select the file or type website link in "Address:" bar.
  3. send an e-mail
    e.g. obviously send an e-mailClick last option "E-mail address" and type the relevant data in relevant field.