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Download "Excelolozy", a Central tool with advanced Excel Tricks...

Download "Excelolozy", a Central tool with advanced Excel Tricks...
Excelolozy tool is available now :

Excelolozy is a Maicrosoft Excel based utility tool that offers the features that are required in day to day excel report generation that are not in-built in MS Excel.

It provides the following features:

  • ColumnFilter: It filters data column wise rather than row-wise.
  • TabManager: It manages excel worksheets in best and quickest ways that even excel doesn't support.
  • SuperPaste: It helps pasting multiple Paste Special features in one click.
  • Oditor: A tool for Financial Professionals.
  • formulaFix: A set of formulas that are needed but don;t exist in MS Excel like Convert Number to Text, Create Abbreviation of a long text, Tell Color of a cell, Club data of all cells in a range, Reverse the text like "ABCD" will be shown as "DCBA" etc.
  • BookBackup: It creates automatic Backups with version number of an open Excel file. 

Download "Excelolozy" tool here - Updated Version: 12i
Old Version 2 : LED
Old Version 1

Easy to use;
Speeds up work and saves time;
•Uses just 61kb of Hard Disk space;
Pocket friendly being free of cost; and
•Last but not least, Developed by a Chartered Accountant.
How to Install:

Download the file (as above) and save it in any common or main folder.
In Excel 2007:
  • Goto Office Button at left top corner
  • Click "Excel Options" button at right bottom in that menu
  • Select "Add-Ins" from left option in pop up window
  • Click "Go" in right pane at down side, see Further instruction below

In Excel 2003:
  • Click on "Tools"
  • Select "Add-ins", see Further instruction below

  • Now you have same window "Add-ins" whether you have Excel 2007 or 2003
  • Click on "Browse"
  • Below "File name" select "All files" under "Files of type"
  • Go to your respective directory where you saved "Excelolozy"
  • Select "Excelolozy" file
  • yippe, you are done

Now, to use Excelolozy tool just press "Ctrl+Shift+V" and tool window will open.

Try all buttons and explore it.

Anything in Excel, be an Excelolozian...

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