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Download "TabManager", a tool for super tricks on Excel Worksheets...

"TabManager" is a tool for advanced tricks on Excel Worksheets that are not available directly by default in Excel.

Download here Updated Version: LEO

Easy to use with unique tricks
Speeds up work and saves time
•Uses just 74kb of Hard Disk space

Pocket friendly being free of cost

•Last but not least, Developed by a Financial Professional

How to Install:
Download tool "Excelolozy" (Download here) that is central platform for all tools.

Now Download the "TabManager" as above and save it in folder where tool "Excelolozy" is saved.

NOTE : Don't change the name of the file, keep it "TabManager.xls".

  • Open Excel (2003 or 2007)
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+V
  • Select tool "TabManager"
  • Click on "Show"
Try all buttons and explore it.

Anything in Excel, be an Excelolozian...

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