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Trick - How to jump back to first cell...

How to jump back to first cell after scrolling through various cells with F5 or Ctrl+[.

Suppose 3 cells (each in separate sheet) are linked in series...
say Sheet1!A1 is linked to Sheet1!A2 and Sheet1!A2 is linked to Sheet1!A3.

If activel cell is Sheet1!A1, by pressing Ctrl+[ twice, Sheet3!A1 can be selected.

But how to jump back to Sheet1!A1 in a single shortcut?

I know you ll say F5...

I ll say NO,

before telling the solution let me make it little more complicated;
Suppose with pressing F5, you moved to various locations
jumping though cells, Sheets and even workbook... and
now if you press F5, you ll have to click the first location by scrolling
AND that too only if you remember the sheet name and cell address,
which is possible only if you have 4GB RAM in your brain...LOL :)

Trick is simple:
select any blank cell next to First cell and press Delete.
Now jump to any cell though any long backlinked sheets or even workbooks.
Once you are done simply press "Ctrl+Z"


hope you got the trick.

Undo means jump back to cell recently changed and we can use it as super-trick.