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Excel Problem - One sheet slowing down whole Excel workbook. - A single sheet / tab hangs whole excel file (of small size).

Some times it happens that instead of small size of an Excel file, Excel hangs when a specific sheet is activated.

None of the followings work in this case: - Setting Calculations to Manual
 - Saving file as ".xlsb"
 - viewing formulae only by pressing "Ctrl + ~"
 - Cutting data from that Sheet to a New sheet.

Solution is:
Replace data cells from that error sheet to new a sheet and replace all links to new sheet.

when you jump to that sheet, say name of the sheet is "HangTab", do as follows:

Copy cells:
 - "Ctrl+Home"  i.e.  go to home cell "A1"
 - "Ctrl+Shift+End"  i.e.  select cells from home to end
 - "Ctrl+C"   i.e.  copy cells

Paste "Values, Column width, Formatting and Formulae" in a new sheet through PasteSpecial:
 - "Shift+F11"   i.e.  insert a new tab
 - "Alt+E+S+V"  i.e. paste Values
 - "Alt+E+S+T"  i.e. paste Format
 - "Alt+E+S+W"  i.e. paste Column Width
 - "Alt+E+S+F"  i.e. paste Formulae

Now Rename new sheet same as old sheet and put 2 as suffix e.g. "HangTab2"

Change the Reference to old sheet:
 - Search "Workbook", in "Formulas" by "sheet name" i.e. "HangTab"
 - Replace all with "HangTab2"

Now delete "HangTab"

and job is done.. :)

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