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Solution to Break Links not working for External Excel file.

Links to other Excel files are visible under "Data" tab > "Connections" > "Edit Links" option.

Thes are the sources to which data in the sheets is linked in a formula.

i.e. if reference file is searched in the "workbook" in "formulas" then it ll jump to cells where such links are in the formulas.


Sometimes links are not visible in any of the excel sheets in the whole workbook.

The reason behind this is "link to other files" thorough Excel "Names".

To resolve do as follows:

- Goto Formula Tab (in Excel 2007)
- Under "Defined Names Section Click "Name Manager"
- click "Refers to"

Scroll down to the External file address reference where the formula is liked to.

Delete all such links.

Now you wont see anything under "Data" tab > "Connections" > "Edit Links".