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Download "BookBackup" - a tool for AutoBackup with version number at an interval - "BookBackup" is a tool that Creates automatic Backups with version number of an open Excel file.

It has got following features :

  • Saves the backup of an open Excel file with different version number
  • at specified intervals like 5 or 10 minutes
  • with option of "Silent backup" or "With prompt before creating backup"
  • "Quick Save" option to create a manual backup rather than automatic.

  • to Download "BookBackup" click here... Version : 12EC

    It has following benefits :
    Saves work though not saved manually
    •Uses just 54kb of Hard Disk space
    Pocket friendly being free of cost
    How to Install:
    Download tool "Excelolozy" (Download here) that is central platform for all tools.

    Now Download the "BookBackup" and save it in folder where tool "Excelolozy" is saved.

    NOTE : Don't change the name of the file, keep it "BookBackup.xls".

    • Open Excel (2003 or 2007)
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+V
    • Select this tool under Excelolozy
    • Click on "Show"
    Try all buttons and explore it.

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