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Excel is showing formulas as text... - An Excel formula is sometimes shown as it is, in text form.

 i.e. Equal sign "=" is recognised by Excel as text.

e.g.  "=Sum(A1:b10)" is shown as it is rather than Value of summation of these cells in the range.

It may Happen due to 2 reasons as follows :

  1. First reason is Visibility setting of Sheet.
·         Sheet is set to show formulas but not the result.

·         This may happen due to accidently pressed "Ctrl + ~", a key under "Esc" key.

·         To resolve it again press "Ctrl + ~" which toggles between TEXT and RESULTs.

  1. Second reason can be FORMATTING setting.
·         Cell formatting is set to "Text"

·         To resolve it Change the formatting to General or Number.

·         If still not resolved :

-    If few cells are there  :
then Press "F2" and Enter in the cell.

-    If a big range of cells is there  :
then First change the format of the whole range and then enter Formula in the whole range again.

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