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Excel Formula to convert Date from to valid date format like YYYYMMDD to DDMMYYYY - an update - "Formula Fix" was created to Convert YYYYMMDD to DDMMYYYY i.e. the Date from Raw text format to recognisable and valid Date format.

Now it works on a single digit year format too.

Following was the Formula (read here full post):

formula is "ConvertDate"


This tool used to work with a two digit year like "98" means 2008.

As per need of an Excelolozy user we have upgraded it to Single Digit year format too.

i.e. it now converts  "8" as "2008".

The formula "ConvertDate" is available within tool named "FormulaFix".

"FormulaFix" is a "Formula (fx) Fixing Tool" that provides various formulas that don't exist in Excel.

To download "FormulaFix" click here.

Examples of formula "ConvertDate" are as follows :

Raw DateOld FormatFormulaConverted Date resultRemarks
20121013if omitted=convertdate(A2,)Saturday, October 13, 2012YYYYMMDD is taken by default if omitted in the formula.
13102012DDMMYYYY=convertdate(A3,B3)Saturday, October 13, 2012Any type of OLD FORMAT can be converted to any type of NEW FORMAT.
322012DMYYYY=convertdate(A4,B4)Friday, February 03, 2012
2313DMYY=convertdate(A5,B5)Saturday, March 02, 2013
2032013DMMYYYY=convertdate(A6,B6)Saturday, March 02, 2013
2013 03 2YYYY MM D=convertdate(A7,B7)Saturday, March 02, 2013
20130302YYYYMMDD=convertdate(A8,B8)Saturday, March 02, 2013
03-02-2013MM-DD-YYYY=convertdate(A9,B9)Saturday, March 02, 2013Any character of OLD FORMAT can be omitted by placing any character in NEW FORMAT.
13aaa3aaa02YYxxxMxxxDD=convertdate(A10,B10)Saturday, March 02, 2013
13bbb3bbb02YYxxxMxxxDD=convertdate(A11,B11)Saturday, March 02, 2013

To see practical application of above table do as follows :
1. Download formulaFix.
2. Copy paste above table (with headers) at any new excel workbook at cells range A1.

See the magic ;)

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