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#Execelolzy - Transpose formulas without changing reference - Copy Paste Trick - relative or fixed reference - Column to Row - errors in MS Excel - MS Excel changes reference while Copying formulas from horizontal cells (rows) to vertical cells (columns). Transpose command under paste special has this error.

Following are two easiest methods to do it:

  1. Absolute reference trick - Slow method 
  2. Replacing "=" (Equal sign)  trick - Fast method 

These are elaborated as follows:

  1. Absolute reference method: 
    • Edit all cells in range by inserting a dollar sign in front of each row and column reference.
    • It makes all cells as absolute cell references.
    • It will keep formulas static.
    • Now copy the range and paste at destination cell/s through > Paste > Paste Special and now then check the box next to Transpose and it's done.

  2. Replacing "=" (equal sign):
    • Select the range to be transposed. 
    • Press Ctrl+H and replace "=" (Equal sign) with any sign say "#" (Hash). 
    • Click Replace All. 
    • It converts the formulas to text.
    • Copy the selected data. 
    • Paste the data through Paste > Paste Special by checking Transpose option.
    • The data is convert from Row to Column or vice versa.
    • Now replace "#" with "=" using Replace All button in the find and replace box.
 Voila.. It's done.. Enjoy.. Cheers.. 

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