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Avoid Excel 2010 file Save As error #Excelolozy due to document not saved for long; repair hours of unsaved rework. - Sometimes when you work on a document for long hours and forget to save the file then an error pops up that says due to prolonged unsaved work excel is unable to save document.
Excel asks to repair the file but it is not possible till the file is saved.

There are two following methods to rescue your work:

  1. Save workbook as "Excel Binary File" as ".xlsb", or
  2. Save workbook as simple "Excel 97- 2003 file" as ".xls"
In second case above it'll ask for some formatting confirmations as it's saving the file in old format from updated one i.e Excel 2010 or 2007 to 2003. Check all options and save.
Now last thing to be done is to open ".xls" or ".xlsb" file and Save As ".xlsx".

Voohoo. Job done. No late night stretch at office.. Cheers.. Go Home early.. ;)

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